Snowflower (Melaleuca Alternifolia) and it's benefits to your skin

The Snowflower is recognised by it's beautiful delicate white flowers that resemble frost or snow. The flowers belong to the native Australian species Melaleuca Alternifolia which is part of the myrtle species family and goes by common names of snow-in-summer, narrow-leaved tea tree or narrow leaved paperbark.

This beautiful plant also happens to be miraculous for the skin, it's oil is well known and used however the Snowflower extract is little known and enjoyed by only a few who have been lucky to discover this wonderful plant.

What makes Snowflower benefits for the skin is the science behind the nutrients it contains. 

Snowflower benefits to the skin

Snowflower contains are vast range of active phytonutrients that deliver benefits to your skin including anti-aging, anti-inflammotary, reduction of redness and pigmentation, skin repair and protection.

The nutrients and science behind the plant

Snowflower contains Gallic Acid which is an antioxidant that has potent anti-aging properties and contributes towards the reduction of red and pigmented skin, aiding in clearing the complextion.

Snowflower also contain Quercetin a Flavonol antioxidant which decreases inflammation and helps provide protection tothe skin.

Catechin is active in Snowflower, which is known to be one of the powerful antioxidants that also makes green tea good for us. The antioxidants fight the free radicals to assist in skin repair.

Kaempferol is natural flavonol antioxidant and was tested in 2001 to have one of the highest antioxidant and antiinflamatory properties out of 35 other flavonols.

Using Snowflower in Skincare

Snowflower is newly discovered for it's skincare benefits and can be used as a powerful component in your skincare routine. Our Pristine Power Serum combines these strong benefits of Snowflower with nature's Vitamin C concentrate - the Kakadu Plum.