Everything you need to know about Beard Oil

Australians love a good beard, it's part of our history dating back to when every true bushranger sported a serious beard. Yet when it comes to beard oils there are still a lot of question marks around what they do and how to use them.

We'll address all of these areas here,  to pay homage to the great Australian bushranger we will leave no stone unturned.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is usually a selection of natural plant based oils that are put on the beard at various stages of growth to help maintain the health of the beard. This usually comes in a small bottle (approximately 30ml or 1 fl oz.) with an application device. The price of beard oils sit around $25-$40 AUD or about $25 USD.

What makes the best beard oil?

Quite simply the ingredients. Not all oils are created equally, every oil and plant contains different nutrients. These nutrients are absorbed into the beard hair and skin. The best beard oils will have fresh oils that have a high concentration and variation of nutrients. This ingredients of the beard oil should be found on the bottle or the website of the beard oil manufacturer. Look for the beard oil brands that have the nutrient information on their website and it will show they have considered this in making their product.

Beard Oil Benefits 

Moisturise your beard hair and skin under your beard

If we consider our beard to be similar to our hair then we're half way there. We need to wash our hair to keep it clean, you'll know this only too well after going without a shower for a while camping with your buddies. Washing the hair cleans the hair but it also removes our natural oils and leaves the hair dry and brittle. Same with when we wash ourselves in the shower, our natural oils are removed from our beard. Especially if we're washing our beard - which we should be.

Ok, but why moisturise?

Moisturising our beard also delivers the benedits to the skin under the beard this  is always a good thing to do as it helps reduce skin damage and wear and tear, which just ends up making us look hagged in not a cool way. There's no getting past getting older but we might as well look old with good skin.

Moisturising the beard hair

This is one best tested yourself to see the difference. When you moisturise your beard hair it looks healthy, alive and brings out the colour. Not only that but it makes the hair more softer, imagine the difference between the bristles of a dry scrungy old toothbush and some kind of amazing healthy crop of hair that the object of your desire would want to nestle against. 

What ingredients are used?

Most beard oil ingredients contain natural plant based oils. This usually consists of what's called a carrier oil and essential oils. The carrier oils are the bases and don't have much scent, such as an olive oil. The essential oils bring the scent/smell/frangrance. Citrus and wood notes are popular and arguably over done.

Since we make a beard (surprise!). We can give you an overview of what ingredients we have in our oil and why they're there.

Ingredients in Outback Botanics Australian Bush Beard Oil

Our goal with this was to create the best Australian beard oil and of course that means using all ingredients from Australia. 

Macadamia Nut Oil - Native to Australia

  • It's lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin and hair
  • Contains Oleic Acid (Omega 9) which is known for regenerating and softening.

  • Omega 6 helps the skin barrier function to reduce water loss

  • Omega 7 is an antimicrobial naturally found in youthful skin

  • contains phytosterols which helps relieve itchiness

Olive Oil - Grown fresh in South Australia

  • Olive oil has been used since ancient times for it's skin and hair benefits
  • Contains a high amount of antioxidants which repair skin damage and reduces inflammation.
  • Contains vitamins E and K

Sandalwood nut Oil - Native to Australia

  • Contains anti-inflammatory ximenynic acid 
  • Decreases flakiness and dryness
Hemp Seed Oil - Grown in Australia
Jojoba Oil - Grown in Australia
Blue Cypress Essential Oil - Native to Australia
Lemon Scented Eucalyptus  Essential Oil- Native to Australia


    Should I use beard oil everyday?

    It is recommended to use a beard oil everyday. Consistant application of the beard oil is when you will see the results.

    Does beard oil have any side affects?

    When a beard oil uses healthy natural ingredients then the only side effects will be the benefits of moisturised beard hair, skin and a great looking beard.

    Does beard oil help grow a beard faster?

    There has been no proof that a beard oil will help your beard grow faster. However beard oils do create a more thick and healthy looking beard. When you don't use a beard oil the beard appears more bristly and subject to breaking and beard hair loss. So using a beard oil will make your beard appear thicker and healthier than not using one.

    Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

    A beard balm has a thicker consistency than a beard oil and is more about styling than nourishing the beard hair and face skin which is achieved with a beard oil.

    When is a good time to use Beard Oil

    After washing your face or taking a shower. These are the times when your beard has been cleaned which also means that the natural oils have been removed. Applying the beard oil will rehydrate the beard and skin with fresh natural oil. This can be applied morning, night or both.