There's nothing quite like the Australian Outback, for those who have visited it know that it is a vast ancient land that has a harsh yet unique beauty. And then it has something else, that you can't quite put a finger on - something magical, something special.

What makes Outback Botanics special:

Safety & Quality 

We don't cut costs, we put the highest standard of ingredients in our products - the type that we can proudly give to our loved ones knowing that they are getting something that has no peer.

Natural Ingredients 

Outback Botanics are natural products and very close to being 100% natural. We include a preservative in the product (usually 0.2%) for your safety and to ensure you can enjoy the product for some time. Skincare without a preservative is simply not safe and we believe in safety first. The preservative we use is food grade.

Formulated for Powerful Results

While we use natural ingredients, all ingredients have been carefully selected for their specific vitamins and nutrients to achieve results for the skin. Australian Native plants are a powerhouse for this, the like for which the world has not seen before. 

Native Ingredients 

Outback Botanics products include native ingredients from this beautiful land. These are either farmed or sourced from the wild.

Highest Standard Australian Grown Ingredients 

We select the high quality ingredients for our products, for example we use Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum) grown native in Australia instead of the much cheaper and commonly used Indian grown version of the same name. We use other Australian grown raw ingredients where possible to, these are usually more expensive but the quality is certainly worth it.

Ground Breaking Innovative Extraction Process

The extraction process used for our natural extracts are a ground breaking proprietary method that ensures that more active nutrients are extracted from the plant and preserved in their natural molecular makeup. This means a much higher level of nutrients delivered to your skin with incomparable results.

Australian Ingredients, Owned & Manufacturer

We are an Australian owned business, using as much of Australian ingredients as possible, sourced from Australian companies, manufactured in Australia - with hero Native Australian plants from the Outback. We believe in, support and give back to Australia.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

We love the unique animals of the Outback and support and encourage a world free of animal cruelty. None of our products are tested on animals and we do not use any animal derived products.