The Amazing Skin Benefits of Kakadu Plum

The Kakadu Plum (Terminalia Ferdinandia) is native to the Northern Australia and has been known and used by the traditional owners of Australia who consider this superplant a gift from the dreamtime. The plum is indeed a superplant and has amazing benefits for the skin.

1. High concentration of Vitamin C, nutrients and antioxidants.

What makes the Kakadu Plum so special is it has the highest natural concentration of Vitamin C of any plant in the world (75 -100 times more than an Orange). It also contains many other nutrients that have benefits for the skin such as gallic acid, ellagic acid and anthocyanin flavonoid anitoxidant.


2. Anti-aging

Signs of aging include fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of volume and elasticity. These signs are all affected by the decrease in collagen production and from sun exposure, dehydration and general damage to the skin. The

Vitamin C within the Kakadu Plum stimulates collagen, a fibrous protein which is responsible creating structure and firmness of your skin. Kakadu Plum also contains antioxidants gallic acid, ellagic acid and anthocyanin flavonoid antioxidant which in addition to the vitamin C fight free radicals, hydrate the skin and protect it from further damage.

3. Increased Skin Hydration

Studies have found that regular use of topical Vitamin C can show a benefit of increased skin hydration. This same study showed an increase in collagen and decrease in appearance of aging. 

4. Reduction of sun, age spots, dark patches and pigmentation

Lentigo, dyschromia is alteration to the skin colour, ie. pigmentation is caused from exposure to the sun and disruptions to the collagen production. Vitamin C increasing collagen production and also has the ability to protect the skin from sun damage as well as repair it afterwards. 

5. Reduced blemishes and skin redness

The Kakadu Plum has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce redness as well as the skin repair properties of Vitamin C and other antioxidants present in the plum help to clear the skin.

6. Increased Brightening, Luminosity and Skin Glow

Through the ability of the Kakadu Plum to reduce pigmentation, therefore allows the skin to be clearer and brighter. In addition to the hydration properties and free radical scavenging antioxidants the skin takes on a bright glow representative of nourished healthy skin.

7. Reduction of Cellulite

 One of the causes of cellulite is less oxygen and nutrition getting to the skin of the area affected, this results in a decrease in collagen. A decrease in collagen while fat cells become larger and begin to protrude over the collagen, giving the bumpy appearance of cellulite. Therefore when you reactivate collagen production through Vitamin C a firmness is added to the skin and the fat cells are kept at bay.

8. Protects and repairs the skin from sun damage and the environment

The vitamin C contained in the Kakadu Plum has scientifically been proven to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation damage. Vitamin C provides an important role in protecting your skin from sun damage. Exposure to the sun reduces the level of Vitamin C in your skin and therefore replenishing your skin before and after sun is important to maintain a healthy level of Vitamin C in the skin.

9. Reduced appearance of stretchmarks

Striae gravidarum, or what we more commonly call stretch marks is caused by a thinning of the connective tissue seronia and can often occur during pregnancy, adolescent growth and weight gain, giving the appearance of linear scars.  This can be attributed to a decrease and or disruption to collagen synthesis, which rescricts the skin from repairing. Vitamin C can turn this around with it's ability to stimulate collagen synthesis.

10. Trust in Natural Vitamin C

Some things are better left done by nature. Humans can make many things in laboratories these days, including Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), most of the vitamin C serums on the market today they are made in laboratory. Vitamin C is a delicate structure which is does not remain stable for long once exposed to the elements. When you choose to use a form of natural vitamin C such as contained in the Kakadu Plum then you are receiving the vitamin in the way nature intended. 

Kakadu Plum Natural Vitamin C Serum

You can enjoy the benefits of Kakadu Plum on your skin naturally with the Outback Botanics 100% Kakadu Plum , natural Vitamin C concentrate serum


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