Top 5 Reasons Why Natural Vitamin C Serum is so good for your skin

1. It's Safe

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring vitamin and a much needed one for our skin. When you use Vitamin C for your skin you have peace of mind that you are giving your skin what it needs without any nasty chemicals.

2. It is hydrating 

Vitamin C has the derivative Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate which has been scientifically proven to help hydrate the skin through helping to retain water loss.

3.It helps fade hyperpigmentation 

Studies have shown the Vitamin C plays a role in regulating and reducing melanin production. Hyperpigmentation is often caused by the increase in melanin production. 

4.It protects your skin from environmental damage

Vitamin C fights free radicals by protecting the skin cells through it's naturally occuring antioxidants. The Kakadu Plum is particularly rich in natural antioxidants.

5. It brightens and helps reduce redness

Through it's properties of reducing melanin levels as well as anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness as well as the collagen boosting, hydration it will leave the skin feeling youthful, fresh and bright.

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