The Outback - the heart of Australia

The Outback is a mysterious place, it is the heart of Australia both geographically and culturally and has been that way for eons.

There are no lines that define where the Outback starts and ends, but it's commonly understood as the bushland outside of the urban city centres where most Australians live. This vast land is some of the most unique, ancient, remote and sparsely populated land on the planet. It is the home to some of the most unusual animals, hardy and unique plants and communities that have a strong connection to the land.

Things to know about the Outback

  • The Outback is an ancient place, parts of it are 3.8 Billion years old. It is also home to the oldest surviving culture, the Aborigines who have thrived on the land for 50,000 years.
  • The plants of the Outback have evolved over millions of years. The Outback is a harsh place and the plants had to evolve to survive and thrive. This means they created powerful qualities such high concentration of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-bacteria and other high powered nutrients. 
  • The Outback has been globally acknowledged as one of the largest remaining intact natural areas on earth. This makes it one of the least polluted and inhabited places on the plant. The plants here are as natural and fresh as they come.
  • The Outback includes dry red central areas, to green pastoral hills, to deep rainforests through out Australia. Although it is the central red dirt that it is best known for. This red dirt is from a high iron content that was made millions of years ago through large climatic changes during this ancient time.
  • The Outback has another quality that you really can't describe and have to experiment. It is a natural rare and raw beauty that enchants, embraces and lingers with you.