Outback Botanics

Gentle Natural Care Baby Moisturiser


This scent free natural baby moisturiser has a delicate blend of natural extracts to moisturise, provide comfort and moisturise your baby's skin.

Our natural moisturiser is

  • Safe and scent free
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Gentle on the sensitive skin
  • Reduces reddened or dry skin
  • Hydrating

We believe in providing babies with the best that nature can offer when it comes to moisturise their skin. We know that the gentle plants of natural can  nourish their skin, that's why we have included the soft and nourishing yet powerful nutrients of Flannel Flower, Snowflower, Waratah, Chamomile, Comfrey Root, Oats and Lavender Flowers extracts. These extracts have nutrients that are known for their tenderness to the skin.

How to use:

  • We recommend applying our baby lotion daily. This is best done after the baby has bathed.
  • Apply 1 to 2 pumps of the baby lotion to one of your hands, use your fingers from the other hand to spread the lotion a bit more on your hand.
  • Observe any areas that look dry or red and apply the lotion to these areas first. Taking the time to gently massage the lotion into the skin so that it is absorbed. Move on to other areas of the babies body, taking the time to gently massage the lotion into all areas.
  • For safe and best results we recommend not mixing baby skincare products.

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